When we started working on this website, we had a vision where people could get to know Bergen and at the same time be active while doing it. It's a way to explore Bergen whether you're a tourist or you already live in the city. We have made thorough research to our routes to make them as fun and exciting as possible.


Bergen is a city on the west coast of Norway. The city is known as the heart of the Norwegian fjords. It's surrounded by seven big mountains which you can hike up on a sunny day. You will find many amazing attractions like Fløyen, Bryggen, various of museums and ofc the beautiful streets of Bergen.


The benefits of biking instead of other forms of transportation is that it is pollution free and therefore beneficial for our planet. Not only is it good for our environment, but it's also good for our health. This goes for the mental health in a way it is stress and anxiety reducing and for the physical health.